“Life long monster kid. We attended our first convention when my son was 4. After watching the costume contest we were hooked. We returned the next year in costume and have not looked back. Cosplaying Kaiju,Seijin and monsters from Chicago to LA. Working in foam latex, latex rubber and foam, my goal is to celebrate the monsters  and kaiju of the past and help others get involved in becoming their favorite Monsters!! " - Matt Tichota

All works and works in progress can be seen on Instagram @Mystery_from_beyond

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Lizz Koehn of SynergyCraft started cosplaying in 2006, and over time has earned a multitude of major awards across the MidWest competitive cosplay scene. Her cosplay specialties include giant prop builds, drafting patterns from scratch, handpainted armor, and utilizing creative problem solving to bring fantasy concepts to reality. Lizz has a strong passion for helping other cosplayers learn, improve, and master their craftsmanship! She has a YouTube channel where she creates detailed tutorials and walkthroughs of her cosplay builds. What little downtime she gets, she spends with her raiding guild in World of Warcraft.

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Robin Blevins is a local cosplayer and staple at local cons. She can be found as a bunny, a tiger, a dinosaur monster taking down Tokyo. But wherever you find her you will see a smile and a heart as big as Tokyo. She is also a maker of great plushies full of love. Be sure to catch her at the cosplay panel and maybe you will also spot her around Tokyo!

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