Josh is a custom miniature modeler from the tiny town of Mead, Nebraska. Perhaps it is ironic then that he prefers working on large iconic cities, but in a tiny scale. He has built dioramas for cities such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Berlin, Paris, and Washington, just to name a few. The cities are just the right size for a four inch tall Kaiju to feel right at home.


One of Josh's custom cities is going to build and put on display just for K.A.I.J.U. Con. They take a long time to set up, so wish him luck. Josh is planning to walk anyone who attends the Kaiju in 3D panel through the process of making their own display and will have resources on hand that will make the process simple. He has a database of over a thousand custom building designs he has put together over the years and assures us, it's easier than it looks.


Most of the buildings featured in Josh's displays are built from scratch by hand. He also occasionally builds custom figures and does some painting. His dioramas are not limited to just monsters and buildings though. You want G-force to show up to carry the fight? No problem, you'll see tanks, Masers, and even the Super-X line. Need to call in the Navy for backup? You got it! Josh has made custom figures for action on the high seas and a fleet ready for battle. Need the Air-force to take to the sky? Give the word and fighter jets and choppers will be on the scene!


Want to see a particular monster? Josh has collected or built almost every cannon Godzilla character in the proper scale to show up in his displays and even a few non-cannon ones too. So, if you are looking for a fantasy grudge match or one of the "classic" monster on monster throw downs we all grew up with, you won't be disappointed! 

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This is a rare photo of the elusive legrandzilla. The legrandzilla is a solitary animal when he is painting. Furthermore, he is rather camera shy. A skilled camera ninja stalked this legrandzilla for hours before capturing this shot on film. Unfortunately for the camera ninja, the legrandzilla spied her and charged, trampling her and painting a mustashe on her nearly lifeless body with burnt umber acrylic paint. Such are the dangers of trying to capture a buck legrandzilla on film during painting season. When legrandzillas are painting Godzillas, they are particularly volatile, and should be offered a snack before approaching. They can be very territorial when they are "in paint" as it is called, so if you see the legrandzilla with a paint brush in its hand, give it a wide berth, and by no means bump the table. This could prove to be a fatal mistake, especially if the legrandzilla is in the process of painting the eyes on the model he is working on. This rather large, alpha male legrandzilla was seen at his library exhibit, painting a Godzilla toy to be given away in a free drawing later. So, see, legrandzillas can be sweet and nice as well.

I build models and dioramas of giant monsters like Godzilla, I also sculpt and do oil and acrylic paintings. I go to G-Fest, a Godzilla Con every year and enter my work in the modeling and art contests. I have had an article and pics of my work published in G-Fan Magazine.

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