Panel and Movie Room Schedule


9am-11am Beast from 20000 Fathoms (Movie 1953)
This is Operation Experiment, a secret base far north of the Arctic Circle. Experiment was the codename for a top priority scientific expedition. These men arrived here on X-day minus 60. It has taken them the full two months to get ready. Today is X-day. Beast from 20000 fathoms has been said to have inspired Godzilla, see how it stacks up against Big G.


11:15am-12pm Kaiju Assault: Hobby to labor of love for kaiju gamers.
Learn how gamers with a love of kaiju turned that love into a fun card game that celebrates Kaiju. Get tips on how to turn your hobby into a labor of love and a business. With Brandon Phillips from Kaiju Assault Card Game


12:15pm-12:45pm Kaiju Bunraku (Movie 2017)
Here's a day in the life of a husband and wife living in a world of giant monsters. This short film was part of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and we are proud to be the Omaha Premiere of this outstanding movie.


1pm-1:45pm King Kong vs Godzilla
What is a King to a God? This panel will cover fun facts and nostalgic discussion on this 1962 classic. Who will win as we also discuss the new upcoming rematch we have all been waiting for, 58 years in the making!!!!! With Butch Bollinger (Brutazilla on Youtube), Jon Legrand (Legrandzilla on Youtube), and Geoff Berman (President of K.A.I.J.U.).


2pm-4pm Gamera the Invincible (Movie 1965)
In the Arctic, an unknown aircraft is shot down by an American jet fighter. The aircraft crashes and its cargo, a low-level atomic bomb, explodes. The resulting cataclysm awakens a prehistoric monster that has the appearance of a giant turtle with teeth and large tusks (From Wikipedia).
Gamera hit the ground flying into the hearts of everyone. Come watch his first and only film that was released to US theaters from the showa era.


4:15pm-5pm Kaiju Makers
Eyes, teeth, claws and paws. Come see how we make monsters to be wearable and squishable. Fabric and Fiber artists share their love of Kaiju (and maybe share a technique or two). With Robin Blevins


5:15pm-6pm Little Giant Monsters models
Jon LeGrand, aka LeGrandzilla, loves his miniature giant monsters. In this session, he will talk about kaiju model kits from styrene , vinyl, resin and even original sculptures and how you can get into the hobby. You will see examples of the different types of kits and sculptures and Jon will discuss the processes of building and painting each type, as well as answer your questions. With Jon LeGrand


6:15pm-7pm Cosplay on a budget
Interested in cosplay but limited on resources? Come see how you can get into cosplay - on a budget! This panel will cover tips and tricks for saving money while creating super cool costumes, budget-friendly material alternatives, where to source your supplies to get the most bang for your buck, as well as what you definitely can't skimp on! With Lizz Koehn from Synergycraft.


7:15pm-8pm Kaiju Comic books
Take a trip through Kaiju in comic books. From Marvel’s Godzilla to Charlton’s Konga and Gorgo, kaiju have been in comic books almost as long as kaiju have been in movies! With Nate Hamel from Behind the Glass Comic Art Gallery.



9am-10:30am The Beast of Hollow Mountain (Movie 1956)
The Beast of Hollow Mountain is a 1956 Weird West horror film about an American cowboy living in Mexico who discovers his missing cattle are being preyed upon by dinosaurs. The first film to show dinosaurs and cowboys in the same picture, it is notable for being based on a story idea by special effects innovator Willis O'Brien. (From Wikipedia)

10:45am-11:30am - More information coming soon!


11:45pm-12:15 pm Kaiju Bunraku (Movie 2017)
Here's a day in the life of a husband and wife living in a world of giant monsters. This short film was part of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and we are proud to be the Omaha Premiere of this outstanding movie.


12:30pm-1:15pm Monster Mash: It’s a kaiju smash!
Discussing cinema’s largest stars. They’re Big, Green, but not always Mean, and we’re pitting them against each other for ultimate hierarchy. With Billy Peck, Anthony Benegas, and Noah Jensen


1:30pm-2:15pm Creating your own Kaiju: How to design realistic monsters.
Monsters are as real as you want them to be! Come learn how one artist designs realistic monsters based off of nature, folklore and--of course--Kaiju! With Arden Ellen Nixon


2:30pm-4:30pm War of the Monsters (Movie 1966)
Come see the second Gamera movie, set just 6 months after the first Gamera movie, this is his first movie as a “good” guy. He fights the frost breathing lizard known as Barugon! Can’t imagine why his first villain is an energy breath weaponed lizard can you?


4:45pm-5:30pm Titans in 3D
If you are like many kaiju fans, you love movie scenes where giant monsters are making mayhem and battling it out with each other on Monster Island or some major city like Tokyo, New York City or even...Omaha Nebraska! Join Jon “LeGrandzilla” LeGrand as he shares how he recreates movie scenes or fantasy kaiju matchups that can sit on a shelf! Dioramas tell a story. Come enjoy this session and see some kaiju related stories come to life in Titans in 3D! With Jon LeGrand


5:45pm-6:30pm Kaiju cosplay
Interested in cosplay? Come see our three cosplays guest all at one time on this panel! This panel will cover different ways to cosplay, as well as anecdotal cosplay stories from our guests, with some how to thrown in for good measure! With Lizz Koehn from Synergycraft. Robin Blevins, and Matt Tichota from Mystery from beyond.


6:45pm-7:30pm -More information coming soon!


7:45pm-8pm Superman Arctic Giant (Movie 1942)
Superman vs Godzilla??? Well its probably the closest we’ll ever come to that mash up! Come finish the con with a delightful cartoon by the fabled Fleicher Studios.

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